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Matric Results

Somerset College has selected the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) as its Grade 9 and Matriculation examination provider, while following the National Curriculum Statements published by the Department of Education. Skills such as thinking, critical analysis, personal organisation, teamwork and communication are central to our teaching philosophy.

We are once again extremely proud of our Matric results and congratulate our staff and especially our students for showing remarkable fortitude over the course of the last two years. We are very pleased to have maintained an unbroken record of 100% Bachelor Degree pass and our average of 3 A symbols per candidate over the last six years.

In addition to maintaining a healthy average of 3 As per candidate, we celebrate the 16 awards received by this cohort for results in the Top 1% of the IEB nationally in various subjects. Furthermore, in eight academic departments, over 50% of students received A symbols in that subject. In 17 of 18 departments, the school average was significantly higher than the national average, and Somerset College students attained an average over 10% higher than the national IEB average in eight subjects.

As the CEO of the IEB, Anne Oberholzer, stated, “As with an iceberg, the achievement we see in the class of 2021 hides the depth of the struggle and effort that underpins this success… The Class of 2021 has had to dig deep mentally and emotionally to find the strength to face the tremendous challenges of a radically changed teaching and learning environment of the last two years. They truly deserve the accolades they receive.”

This resilience, and these fine academic results, bode very well for a bright future for this talented group of students. 


Pass rate:  A 100% Bachelor Degree (University Entrance) pass

Number of A symbols:  258 

Top 1% Awards in specific IEB subjects:  16*

Advance Programme A symbols:  3 (All Mathematics)


Somerset College is pleased to present the IEB Senior Certificate examination results for the Matric Class of 2021. Top Achievers were:

Students with 8 A symbols:  

Daniella Da Costa 

Students with 7 A symbols:  

Lara Geldenhuis *

Cameron Hatch

Sean Irwin *

Caitlin Putterill

Robert Pyle *

Elle van Heerden *

Lauren Venter

Jana Wessels

Students with 6 A symbols:  

Cyan Scholtz *

James Visagie 

Georgina Wraith *

Aiden Ravenscroft

Christopher Young-Pugh

Students with 5 A symbols: 

Dylan Baird  

Dominic Geard 

Daniel Greeff 

Lauren Jordaan 

Beverly Kelosi 

Jeandré Martin *

Milla Nel 

Gabrielle Ockhuisen *

Gabriella Scott 

Jack van der Merwe 

Hanna van Heerden *

Students with 4 A symbols:   

Julia Cotterrell *

Andrea du Plessis *

Dylan Gast 

Daniël Grȁbe 

Saskia Steltman *

Students with 3 A symbols:

Harry James Bamford

Beate Blumers 

Daniella Edwards

Christian Greener

Eden Hopley

Jacob Love

Luke Plotz

Yashil Prag *

Nicholas Pretorius

Nomathamsanqu Ramncwana

Students with 2 A symbols:

Shalev Ben-Oved

Vincent Bidoli

Chakara Blake

Ryan Cunningham

Tia Dekel

Erin Downing

Corne Grimmbacher

Nichola Hurst

Sarah-Ann Kretzmann

Jemma-Mare Lourens

Paulina Mess *

Wilhelm Muller

Timothy Oliver

Saarah Peters

Sarah Toth

Students with 1 A symbol:

Gabriella Alessandrini

Kyle Brooks

Jacobus Crowe

Mikaelle De Oliveira

Andrew Dune

Georgia Gibb

Courtney Greeff

Tarka Harford

Celso Jansen van Rensburg

Erin Lupton-Smith

Keenan Okeefe-Easton

Luke Potterton

Julia Sloane

Zita Venter

Rhys Young




Message from Graham Sayer, the Executive Head, to the Matric 2021 year group: 

"Congratulations to the class of 2021 on having realised the fruits of your labour through two very tough final years of school. May many wonderful doors of opportunity open for you in the coming years." 

With a strong focus on academic excellence, our results speak for themselves, with a 100% pass record intact since the first Matrics of 1999, and an excellent rate of acceptance into university studies. Furthermore, our highest achieving students are regularly placed in the IEB examination’s national top 5 percent.